Thirteen siblings found chained and starving in Perris, California home as parents arrested on torture charges

A California couple have beenĀ arrested on charges of torture after authorities said their 13 malnourished children were held captive in ...
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Testimony of soldiers attacked in Nabi Salih released

'We knew that once riots break out, activists would go into the courtyard of the Tamimi home and start throwing ...
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Over 1,800 Pakistani Muslim clerics issue fatwa forbidding suicide bombings

Pakistan has for years been plagued by violence by Islamist militants who often use suicide bombers and preach that their ...
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IDF to advise UN peacekeepers in Entebbe medical training course

IDF medical officer to serve as adviser for UN first response medical course in Uganda based on techniques used by ...
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Jordan unveils major IMF-guided tax hikes in bid to reduce public debt

The taxes are said to be crucial to gradually lower public debt in economy hit by growing regional conflict ...
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Gur Hassidic movement bans emergency responders

Gur bans members from volunteering as paramedics or with police department, warns children of volunteers will be removed from school.

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Goldstone: There is no apartheid in Israel

: AP

In pro-Israel NYT op-ed piece, judge says ‘nothing in Israel comes close to the definition of apartheid’, further stating ‘charge Israel is an apartheid state is false and malicious’. Judge also comes out in defense of Israel’s counter-terrorism measures