Gunmen attack military parade in Ahvaz, Iran

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused U.S.-backed Gulf Arab states of carrying out a shooting attack on a military ...
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Israeli medical company sells for record-breaking $$1.6b

Dublin-based company acquires Israeli medical company Mazor robotics for record-breaking $1.6b.

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Hamas expresses optimism after ceasefire talks

Egyptian delegation leaves Gaza following discussions regarding possible long-term arrangement between Israel and the terror group, in accordance with understandings ...
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Iran blames Gulf rivals for deadly Ahvaz attack

Iran's supreme leader says "regional US puppets" were behind a gun assault in Ahvaz that killed 25 ...
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Likud officials accuse Olmert of advancing PA’s interests

Following contentious meeting between former prime minister and Palestinian president, many government ministers issue statements strongly condemning the event, and ...
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‘Jerusalem, Israel’ to be written in US passports?

Members of Congress request US Pres. Trump order State Dep't to write 'Jerusalem, Israel,' in passports of US citizens born ...
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PM sides with haredim: No draft at age 18

?????: EPA

Netanyahu blames Kadima ‘zigzagging’ for crisis in talks on universal recruitment law, says drastic measures would eventually lead to reduction in number of haredi troops. ‘Unity crucial to our national resilience,’ PM adds