Supreme Court justice attended controversial settlements jubilee ceremony

After chief justice bared bench from attending ceremony, Justice Sohlberg says he participated as a private individual, along with his ...
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This Israeli Arab couple is building a sukkah, hoping to destroy Jewish-Muslim stereotypes

Khalil and Reem Bakly, two Muslims from northern Israel, are inviting Jews and Arabs from near and far to join ...
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Will this US supreme court case uphold American democracy? | Russ Feingold

On Tuesday, the US supreme court hears oral arguments in Gill v Whitford. This will open the door for a ...
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Physicist who fled Nazi rule wins Nobel Prize

Rainer Weiss among Nobel Prize winners for contributions that proved Einstein right ...
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Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest lender, to pull out of Switzerland amid U.S. tax probe

Surprise move effectively closes Bank Hapoalim's entire private banking operation ...
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Drama in Iran wins Egypt president a bold image

President Mohammed Morsi, third left, attends Friday prayers in Cairo on Friday, Aug. 31, 2012. Morsi's tough words against Syria’s regime in a speech hosted by Syria’s top ally Iran brought him a stream of praise from Egyptian supporters and critics alike, lauding him as a new Arab leader that speaks truth to power. (AP Photo/Egyptian Presidency)Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi's international debut made its biggest splash at home. After he publicly denounced Syria's regime while being hosted by Damascus' top ally Iran, Egyptian supporters and even some critics are lauding him as a new Arab leader that speaks truth to power.