Gunmen kill 25, including 12 Revolutionary Guards, in attack on Iran military parade

State television said the assault, which wounded more than 60 people, targeted a stand where Iranian officials had gathered in ...
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Gunmen attack Iran military parade, killing at least 24

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Gunmen attacked an annual Iranian military parade Saturday in the country's oil-rich southwest, killing at least ...
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Iran: Attackers who killed 12 members of Revolutionary Guard connected to Israel and U.S.

State media reports 60 wounded, 24 killed in attack on military parade in city of Ahvaz ■ Foreign Minister Javad ...
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Committee gives Kavanaugh accuser more time

WASHINGTON (AP) — The high-stakes brinkmanship over whether Brett Kavanaugh's accuser would testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee came to ...
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Survivor pulled from capsized Tanzanian ferry as death toll reaches 207

By Jackson Njehia UKARA, Tanzania (Reuters) - Divers on Saturday rescued a man from the wreck of an overcrowded Tanzanian ...
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China cancels U.S. trade talks: WSJ

China has canceled upcoming trade talks with the United States and will not send vice-premier Liu He to Washington next ...
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Ariel Sharon to be laid to rest Monday

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Thousands to join service for former prime minister Ariel Sharon at Anemones Hill, nearby northern Negev Sycamore Ranch. Among world’s dignitaries to be present at funeral: US Vice President , former British PM, Russian Foreign Minister

Israeli traveler freezes to death in Chile

22-year-old Israeli freezes to death in Cerro Castillo, Chile after ankle wounds leaves her stranded. ‘We tried to finds signs of life, but there were none. Death from hypothermia had already taken place a few hours earlier,’ rescuer says

In war or withdrawal, Sharon marched to his own drum

By Dan Williams JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A maverick in war and politics, Israel’s Ariel Sharon reshaped the Middle East in a career marked by adventurism and disgrace, dramatic reversals and stunning rebounds. Loathed by many Arabs and a divisive figure within Israel, Sharon left his mark on the region as perhaps no other through military invasion, Jewish settlement building on captured land and a shock decision to pull out of Gaza. Some diplomats believed that had he remained in good health, he would have secured peace with the Palestinians after overcoming domestic critics to force through the withdrawal of troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip in 2005. “As one who fought in all of Israel’s wars, and learned from personal experience that without proper force, we do not have a chance of surviving in this region … I have also learned from experience that the sword alone cannot decide this bitter dispute in this land,” Sharon said in 2004, explaining his move.

Sharon’s death sparks joy in Sabra, Shatila massacre camps

Palestinian refugees living in the Shatila refugee camp in the Lebanese capital of Beirut hand out sweets as they celebrate following the news of the death of former Israeli premier Ariel Sharon, on January 11, 2014Adel Makki rushed into the street in Beirut's Shatila Palestinian refugee camp Saturday to hand out sweets when he learned of the death of Ariel Sharon, the Israeli leader Palestinians blame for a massacre of hundreds there and in the nearby Sabra camp. "I was relieved when I found out that Sharon was dead. Over three days, beginning on September 16, 1982, hundreds of men, women and children were massacred in Sabra and Shatila on the southern outskirts of Beirut. Israel had invaded Lebanon three months before, and the brutal killings, the work of Israel's Lebanese Phalangist allies, were carried out as Israeli troops surrounded the camps.