Parkland Survivor To Melania Trump: Stop Donald Trump Jr. From Cyberbullying Me

A 14-year-old survivor of the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, has pleaded with first lady Melania Trump to stop her stepson Donald ...
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Joanna Demafelis: Employer of Filipina maid found dead in freezer arrested

The employer of a Filipina maid who was found dead in a freezer is arrested in Lebanon ...
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Despite probes, Netanyahu’s party would still go strong if elections were held today

While the prime minister's party would still get 27 seats if elections were held today, poll indicates 50 percent of ...
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Perris torture case: District attorney adds new charges against David, Louise Turpin

New charges were added Friday in the case of the Perris couple accused of torturing their children and holding them ...
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Don’t Count Bibi Out — Yet

There’s a reason Israel’s prime minister has endured ...
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How the Nile could see a ‘water war’

A new dam on the river Nile could trigger the world's first war about water, writes Alastair Leithead ...
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Framing ties with Russia in a ‘post’ post-Cold War era

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting at the Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow on January 15, 2015Whatever happened to that reset button Hillary Clinton gave her Russian counterpart in 2009 as a sign of renewed ties? No doubt gathering dust, while the West figures out how to handle Moscow now. As the war in Ukraine goes from bad to worse, with more than 5,100 dead in nine months, the United States and its EU partners are pondering what to do about Russia and its President Vladimir Putin, who doesn't seem ready to blink yet in an escalating game of chicken. "We face a dual challenge to overcome the immediate threat… along the borders, especially of Ukraine," veteran US diplomat Henry Kissinger, who steered the opening up of China, told lawmakers this week.

Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian in the West Bank

Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian on Saturday in the occupied West Bank, the military and a Palestinian security official said. An Israeli military spokeswoman said soldiers saw two Palestinians throwing a fire bomb towards a road near the Palestinian city of Nablus and “identifying an immediate threat shot toward the suspects’ lower extremities”. A Palestinian security source said one of the Palestinians shot by the soldiers was killed, but gave no further details. The Israeli military said it was searching for the second man.