The education commissar

The passage of the NGO Law that limits anti-occupation organizations is a glaring example of the way efforts to silence ...
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Edelstein: Elections will take place at their scheduled time

Knesset Speaker certain that an agreement will be reached over the Draft Law, believes no party in the coalition is ...
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In Israeli town, ultra-orthodox filmed terrorizing girl for ‘immodest clothes’

An ultra-Orthodox source at the Beit Shemesh municipality told Haaretz that the incident is the result of ultra-Orthodox extremists trying ...
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Hungarian PM, symbol of Europe’s right-wing turn, lands in Israel

Viktor Orban has no planned meetings with top Palestinians, will hold talks with Netanyahu and visit Yad Vashem and Western ...
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Israeli legislators gird for debate and final votes on nation-state bill

The legislation would lower the status of Arabic and encourage the establishment of communities for Jews only ...
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Report: Casualties in Syrian army offensive in Deraa

Syrian army launches intensive aerial strikes on city of Nawa in southern Deraa province.

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German government split on surging refugee numbers

A refugee pushing a stroller in the Marienfelde Refugee Transit Center in South Berlin, on January 29, 2015Divisions surfaced in German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government Wednesday on whether the country which is Europe's top destination for asylum seekers should take in more refugees. Merkel ally Volker Kauder, parliamentary leader of Merkel's conservatives, said that "Germany can welcome significantly more refugees. He said that Middle Eastern countries shelter proportionally far more refugees, telling the top-selling Bild daily that in Kurdish areas, "five million people live with one million refugees". Germany had accepted a total of 105,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq since the start of the Syrian war, compared to some European countries who had taken just hundreds, he said.

Calgary imams fight back against Islamic State recruitment

Imam Azfar Ayub Qadri leads the Muslim prayer on March 30, 2015 in the Al Madinah Islamic center in CalgaryA group of Calgary imams is marking the first line of defense at the foot of the Rocky Mountains against the Islamic State group's recruitment of Canadians as fighters. Several imams issued a religious edict against IS jihadists last month, denouncing its threats against Canada and its online recruitment after dozens of Canadians — mostly from Calgary — traveled to Syria to join their cause. "Some Muslims, having the fatwa against them, they will have second thoughts" before seeking to join an extremist group, said Khalil Khan, president of Calgary's Al Madinah Islamic center.