Europe marks WWII victory under shadow of new threats

Flowers are laid down at the Soviet War Memorial in Berlin's Tiergarten district on May 8, 2015Europe on Friday marked 70 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany with sombre ceremonies overshadowed by modern day threats, such as the war in Ukraine and Islamic extremism. The Victory Day commemorations in Europe were muted compared with Moscow's planned display of its military might at a parade Saturday, which is being snubbed by Western leaders over the crisis in Ukraine. In Britain, the anniversary provided a chance for a show of national unity after a dramatic general election which returned David Cameron's Conservatives with an outright majority and left the opposition in tatters. Flanked by his trounced rival, Labour leader Ed Miliband, and his former deputy, Liberal Democrat chief, Nick Clegg, Cameron laid a wreath at the Cenotaph war memorial in London.

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