Protests in Iran against Saudi-led air war on Yemen

Iranian protesters hold placards during a demonstration in Tehran on May 8, 2015, to denounce the strikes by the Saudi led coalition against the Shiite rebellion in Yemen, where Iran is accused of meddling by RiyadhThousands of angry Iranians demonstrated on Friday to denounce Saudi Arabia's royal family and its air war on Shiite rebels in Yemen, where Tehran is accused of meddling by Riyadh. The protests came as Iran rejected anew Saudi claims that it was interfering in Yemen by backing the Shiite Huthi rebels, and accused Riyadh of seeking to absolve itself of responsibility in the war. "Death to the Saudi (royal) family", "Death to America", "Death to Israel", chanted demonstrators who thronged Tehran, according to footage shown on state television. Some protesters carried placards that read: "From Gaza to Yemen, stop killing children", and state television described the protest as "massive".

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