IDF: No criminal investigation in 2014 battle

IDF Military Advocate General releases findings on use of Hannibal Protocol to rescue Hadar Goldin when Hamas violated a ceasefire.

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Clarification call for IDF lecturer who criticized Liberman

Chief Education Officer summons 'secular yeshiva' founder and IDF lecturer after he wrote of DM, 'man closest to fascist characteristics.'

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Israel Eases Restrictions on Gaza Imports After Days of Relative Calm

Moving to stabilize a shaky cease-fire with the Hamas-governed enclave, the Israelis lifted the five-week ban on all goods other ...
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Court recommends the expulsion of Eritrean asylum seekers

Jerusalem's court of appeals recommends the expulsion of Eritreans lacking refugee status; 'Israeli citizens living near infiltrators are suffering, and ...
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Turkey slaps retaliatory tariff hikes on key US products

Turkey hiked Wednesday tariffs on imports of several key US products in retaliation for American sanctions against Ankara, as a ...
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The Latest: Minister: Genoa bridge operators should resign

GENOA, Italy (AP) — The Latest developments following the deadly collapse of a highway bridge in Italy (all times local):
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Pentagon chief hails peshmerga as model for Iraq

US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter talks to multinational troops at the Arbil International Airport in the capital of the autonomous northern Iraqi region on July 24, 2015Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said during a visit to Kurdistan Friday that the autonomous region's peshmerga force was a model for the rest of Iraq in its fight against jihadists. The US defence secretary, on the second day of his first visit to Iraq since taking office earlier this year, praised the efforts of what is the region's de facto army. "We are trying to build a force throughout the territory of Iraq, and someday in Syria, that can do" what the peshmerga have achieved, Carter said.

Training Israel’s cyber warriors

צילום: דובר צה"ל, יואב זיתון

Inside IDF computer labs, troops use a model city to practice creating mayhem: Causing a nuclear reactor to overheat, taking over traffic lights and rail, cutting power, hacking missiles, creating chaos in the stock market, and more – all in preparation for the next major conflict.

Expulsion from Derna bastion may show limits for Islamic State in Libya

Members of the Libyan pro-government forces, aim a weapon during their deployment in the Lamluda area, southwest of the city of DernaBy Ulf Laessing and Ayman al-Warfalli CAIRO/BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – Islamic State jihadists have exploited widespread chaos to gain a foothold in Libya, but their ejection from an eastern city suggests they may not achieve a Iraq-style takeover due to strong local rivals and the absence of sectarian divisions. Last month, local Islamist fighters reinforced by local civilians ousted Islamic State militants from Derna on Libya's eastern Mediterranean coast, one of two bastions the jihadists had established in the North African oil-producing country. It was the first setback in Libya for the ultra-violent jihadist movement that has sent in combatants and clerics from Tunisia, Yemen and other Arab states to try repeat its success in Iraq and Syria, where it has captured vast territories and proclaimed a "caliphate" based on medieval religious precepts.

Family’s message removed from soldier’s grave

Defense Ministry erases writing that criticized prime minister and defense minister, which family created to protest government’s refusal to include brothers’ names on headstone; soldier’s parents outraged, while ministry claims other bereaved families requested the removal.