UC Berkeley student paper publishes anti-Semitic caricature

Student newspaper publishes cartoon eerily reminiscent of anti-Semitic caricatures in Nazi Germany and Arab world.

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One of the strongest Jews in Olympic history is selling his gold medal

Isaac Berger, now 80, is auctioning off his gold medal. As of Monday, the current bid stands at $6,278 ...
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Al Gore: Trump’s Tweets won’t help

Former US presidential candidate unfazed about US intention to pull out of Paris Climate Accord.

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Israel’s top court cannot be threatened or intimidated, outgoing chief justice says

A defiant Miriam Naor said decisions are made according to the law, not politics, amid growing political anger at top ...
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The Stabbed Russian Radio Journalist Tatyana Felgenhauer Is Now in a Coma

A well-known journalist for Russia's top independent radio station was stabbed in the throat Monday by an attacker who burst ...
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Astrolabe: Shipwreck find ‘earliest navigation tool’

Marine archaeologists say the object - discovered off the coast of Oman - is an astrolabe ...
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'The EU must ban all products from Israel'

צילום: AP

Frank van der Linde, a Dutch political-social activist who spent a long time in Israel and has dozens of friends in the country, is the face of the BDS campaign in the Netherlands. In a special interview to Yedioth Ahronoth, he explains why he doesn’t recognize Israel as a state, dismisses claims of hypocrisy in light of the other injustices taking place in the world, and says he supports the rights of both Palestinian and Jewish refugees.

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Seeing through the darkness

צילום: דובר צה"ל

Ron Ben-Yishai gets an exclusive inside look at Israel’s secretive intelligence collection efforts at the Syrian border, where IDF observations posts are only a few hundred meters away from armed rebels.