Netanyahu warned Putin: S-300 air defense system in irresponsible hands will endanger region

Putin told Netanyahu: S-300s deployed in Syria 'to thwart any potential threat to lives of Russian military service members' ■ ...
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Netanyahu: Syria is to blame for downing of Russian plane

After Russia announces it intends to supply Syria with S-300 anti-aircraft missile system after last week's downing of a Russian ...
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Hundreds Of Yale Students Protest Kavanaugh, Demand Investigation

Hundreds of Yale Law students are demanding a full, fair and impartial
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Putin to Netanyahu: We don’t believe IDF’s story

Russian president tells Netanyahu his government does not accept Israeli claims regarding downing of Russian military aircraft over Syria.

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Women Walk Out Across The Country In Support Of Kavanaugh's Accusers

At 1 p.m. on Monday, supporters of the women who accused Supreme Court nominee
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One of world’s most mysterious organizations gets a new boss

צילום: מוטי קמחי

Wednesday will be Tamir Pardo’s last day as head of the Mossad. How was Israel’s secret service run under Pardo, who succeeded the famed but controversial Meir Dagan? Who is Yossi Cohen, the national security advisor and one of PM Netanyahu’s closest associates, who will replace him, and what revolution did he bring to the organization when he was in charge of recruiting and operating its agents around the world? Ronen Bergman offers a peek into the secret world of Israeli spies.

Four armed men set Saudi Aramco bus on fire in oil province

DUBAI (Reuters) – Four armed men set a bus on fire on Tuesday carrying workers in Saudi Arabia’s oil-producing Eastern Province, state news agency SPA reported. State oil company Saudi Aramco said none of its employees had been injured but gave no further details. SPA said the men had stopped the bus in the district of Qatif, the home of prominent Shi’ite Muslim cleric Nimr al-Nimr, who was executed on Saturday with 46 other men. …

Arab-Israeli offers money for information on Dizengoff shooter

צילום: אלכס קולומויסקי

With the chase still ongoing for Nashat Melhem, the suspect in the Dizengoff shooting that killed two, the head of the merchants’ committee in the Old City of Jerusalem has offered NIS 40,000 for whoever can provide information that will help in locating the terrorist. ‘We need to forget this nonsense about Arabs and Jews, we want to live in peace,’ Mazen Qaq says.

Britain raised human rights concerns with Saudi Arabia: minister

Britain has raised its concerns about human rights in Saudi Arabia with authorities there following the execution of 47 men including a prominent Shi’ite Muslim cleric, a Foreign Office minister said on Tuesday. Saudi Arabia’s execution of Nimr al-Nimr has angered Shi’ites across the Middle East and caused a major diplomatic row between mainly Shi’ite Iran and Saudi Arabia’s conservative Sunni monarchy. “The UK’s close relationship with Saudi Arabia does not mean that we shy away from raising legitimate human rights concerns,” Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Foreign Office, Tobias Ellwood, told parliament.

New Druze town approved

צילום: AFP

Israel’s National Council for Building and Planning approves the establishment of a new Druze town that will initially comprise 400 apartments in the Naftaly Estate area, near Tiberias. It will be, according to the prime minister, the first new Druze town to be built since the founding of the state.

Channel Tunnel operator criticises UK asylum decision

The Channel operator has struggled for months with migrants storming their premises to get into the tunnel and attempt to make their way to BritainThe company which operates the Channel Tunnel said on Tuesday Britain's decision to grant asylum to a Sudanese man who walked the passage between France and England was "unfortunate". Abdul Rahman Haroun, 40, was granted asylum on December 24, after being arrested on suspicion of walking through the 31-mile (50 kilometre) tunnel in August. The Channel operator has struggled for months with migrants storming their premises to get into the tunnel and attempt to make their way to Britain.