Iran angered by US imposition of cyber sanctions

The US had taken action against 10 Iranians and a tech firm for alleged worldwide hack attacks ...
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Iowa family found dead in Mexico

An Iowa family of four on vacation in Mexican seaside resort was found dead inside a condominium, but foul play ...
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Trump Wants His Cabinet To Serve His Ego, Not The Nation

In commenting on his decision to remove Secretary of State Rex Tillerson from
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US poised for largest gun control protest in a generation

Galvanized by a massacre at a Florida high school, hundreds of thousands of Americans are expected to take to the ...
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Massive fire in Acre mosque


Hundreds of residents arrived to the scene to assist the firefighters as they battled to extinguish the gigantic flames; Serious damage caused to the mosque; Police believe fire caused by electrical malfunction.

Brig. Gen. Buchris discharged from IDF

צילום: גיל נחושתן

Ofek Buchris, who has been indicted for a series of sexual assaults including rape, asked Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot to discharge him from the IDF so that he can stand trial as a civilian: ‘I loyally served my people and my home.’