Trump declares North Korea a state sponsor of terrorism

U.S. President says there will be more sanctions against North Korea after declaring it a state sponsor of terrorism.

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Bennett: ‘Our generation’s mission is to save the Jews’

'It's now 50 years since we released Judea and Samaria. It's time to recognize them as Israel. It's time for ...
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As regional tensions boil up, Egypt’s Sissi to meet with Lebanon’s Hariri

Sissi and Hariri's meeting will address the 'latest developments in the region and developments of the Lebanon situation,' a statement ...
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In backtrack, Israeli opposition party now supports deporting of asylum seekers

New Zionist Union chairman Avi Gabbay supported the bill along with 11 other party members, reversing its previously overwhelming opposition ...
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Scaramucci: ‘I know that this is G-d’s land for G-d’s people

"I love the country because of what David Ben Gurion said: 'In Israel in order to be a realist you ...
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Israeli minister praises Trump: Palestinians must decide between ‘axis of evil’ or peace

Katz added his expectations of Trump to 'repair the historical distortion' regarding Jerusalem, and to transfer the U.S. embassy to ...
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Ahmed Dawabsheh visits home of Hamas terrorist


The sole survivor of the Duma arson, Ahmed Dawabshe, was taken by his grandfather to pay a solidarity visit to the destroyed house of a terrorist who murdered two Jews and a Palestinian at an intersection; Hamas operative Mohammad al-Qiq also joined.