Israeli minister Shaked takes after Mussolini

Don't call the justice minister a fascist metaphorically, as hyperbole or a provocation – call her that because it's literally ...
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Air strikes are the bomb

The Israeli yearning is to strike the Arabs, strike as much as possible, strike as long as it doesn’t exact ...
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Israel Police ask court to close down Temple Mount building ‘linked to Hamas’

Move is believed to be first time police chief has used provision in new anti-terror law to request closure of ...
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The Eritrean soccer star on the streets of Tel Aviv

Awet Mehari made the national team in his homeland before being drafted, abused and fleeing to Israel in 2009. But ...
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Zionism is the scoundrel’s last refuge

Nowadays the Zionist brand is a false one for politicians who seek to extort money and political support from Jews ...
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Syria and allies hold their temper despite attack on missile plant

Iran is concentrating on bolstering the Assad regime against ISIS and other rebels, while Hezbollah wants to play down the ...
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Libyan brigades closing in on ISIS


UN-backed government forces, under cover of US jet, drone, and helicopter air strikes, are overrunning ISIS positions in the battle to take back the coastal city of Sirte, which has been ISIS’s stronghold in Libya since 2015.

Hadera man dies of stab wounds


Hilal Masharqeh was attempting to break up a fight between young Arabs and Jews when he was stabbed; ‘The day he was injured, he wanted to calm tensions down, but in the end, he paid with his life.’