Hezbollah claims to be a force of ‘security and stability’ in face of Israeli aggression

Nasrallah says Hezbollah has transferred arms to Gaza and Syria; Lebanese President Michel Aoun's voices concerns over Israel, following Arab ...
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Family of Israeli civilian held in Gaza calls on UN to assist in release

Avera Mengistu's family spent two weeks in the U.S. to ask for help from Congress, the White House, and the ...
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2.5 million Yemenis now lack access to clean water, claims the Red Cross

130 children or more are now dying every day in Yemen from extreme hunger and disease, primarily Cholera, according to ...
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15 arrested as thousands of haredi protesters block traffic

Thousands of anti-draft demonstrators block traffic in Bnei Brak, Jerusalem. 12 protesters injured, 15 arrested.

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2nd woman accuses Senator Al Franken of sexual harassment

Days after TV anchor said Minnesota Democrat sexually harassed her, 2nd accuser claims Franken molested her - while he was ...
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Jewish Insider’s Daily Kickoff: November 20, 2017

Trump's peace plan -- 'Ultimate deal' or deal, ultimately? | NYT Profiles: 23andMe's Anne Wojcicki; Judge Ruchie of the night ...
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Libyan brigades closing in on ISIS


UN-backed government forces, under cover of US jet, drone, and helicopter air strikes, are overrunning ISIS positions in the battle to take back the coastal city of Sirte, which has been ISIS’s stronghold in Libya since 2015.

Hadera man dies of stab wounds


Hilal Masharqeh was attempting to break up a fight between young Arabs and Jews when he was stabbed; ‘The day he was injured, he wanted to calm tensions down, but in the end, he paid with his life.’