Trump considers pulling immigration agents from California, saying it would spur 'crime like nobody has ever seen'

Donald Trump has threatened to pull immigration agents from California, suggesting their removal would unleash “crime like nobody has ever ...
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Sheriff: School officer never went inside to confront gunman

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The armed officer on duty at the Florida school where a shooter killed 17 people ...
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Armed deputy at Florida high school resigns after failing to engage shooter

The armed sheriff's deputy assigned to the Florida high school where 17 people were shot and killed has resigned rather ...
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Texas governor issues last-minute reprieve for son who ordered family killed

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Thursday issued a last-minute reprieve for a death row prisoner who hired a gunman to ...
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Shaked: The process of changing the Supreme Court has ended

Minister Ayelet Shaked on appointment of new judges: The new Supreme Court echoes legal concepts that have not been heard ...
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Girl injured by dog during boarding for Southwest flight

DALLAS (AP) — Southwest Airlines said Thursday that a dog injured a child as passengers boarded a flight in Phoenix, ...
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Will Migron be evacuated once again?

צילום: אוהד צויגנברג

Four years have passed since the West Bank settlement was relocated to a nearby hill, and its residents still live in caravans despite a government decision to build them a permanent community. Meanwhile, the owner of a winery located in the same area files a lawsuit against the state, demanding that the government keep its promise to relocate the winery or, alternatively, evacuate Migron’s residents.