‘In the Sephardi world, family is everything’

Former Shas MK Yigal Guetta speaks for the first time since being forced to resign from the Knesset for attending ...
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Erdogan: Only Israel recognizes Kurdish referendum

Turkish President repeats claims of connection between Mossad and Kurdish referendum.

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The redneck Jew who put the mystique in outlaw country music

Georgia-born Daniel Antopolsky wrote 400 songs for more than 40 years before recording his first album, which helped connoisseurs forget ...
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Yemen war: UN ‘to blacklist Saudi coalition for killing children’

The coalition is included on a draft list of parties that kill and maim children in armed conflict ...
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Head of U.S. Senate intelligence panel says Russia-Trump campaign collusion issue still open

The head of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee said on Wednesday there was general consensus in the panel that Russia ...
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One student killed, three wounded in University of Texas stabbings

One student killed, three wounded in University of Texas stabbingsA man thought to be enrolled at the University of Texas went on a stabbing spree with a large hunting knife at the school’s Austin campus on Monday, killing one student and wounding three others also believed to be students, police said. The suspect, identified as Kendrex White, was apprehended about two minutes after campus police received reports of the attack on the school’s main grounds. “I don’t know what his motivation is,” University of Texas at Austin Police Chief David Carter told a news conference.

Democrats save arts funding for NPR and PBS from Donald Trump

Democrats save arts funding for NPR and PBS from Donald TrumpDemocrats have saved arts funding under threat from Donald Trump, including money for the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and National Public Radio (NPR). Both houses of congress are expected to vote on the spending bill to keep the government funded for the current fiscal year this week before it goes to Mr Trump for his signature. This spending bill is really more of a temporary reprieve.