Balloons with suspicious devices explode in Kissufim

A fireman from Gaza border region witnesses a cluster of balloons, equipped with explosive materials and most likely flown from ...
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Equities slide as US and China trade blows

Asian and European stocks slid Monday as US tariffs on another $200 billion of Chinese imports took effect, clouding the ...
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Russia to upgrade Syrian air defences

Russia says it will send the S-300 system within weeks, after an aircraft was shot down off Syria ...
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Russia to supply Syria with S-300 anti-missile system

Defence Minister Shoigu says anti-aircraft unit, equipped with Russian tracking and guidance systems, will be transferred to region within two ...
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Boston Scientific's drug-coated stent gets FDA approval

The medical device maker intends to launch Eluvia in the fourth quarter, Jeff Mirviss, president of Boston Scientific's Peripheral Interventions ...
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James Woods Blasts 'Truly Egregious' Twitter For Locking His Account

Outspoken actor James Woods has been locked out of his Twitter account after
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North Korea takes aim at US offer of talks in rare UN statement

North Korea takes aim at US offer of talks in rare UN statementNorth Korea on Wednesday delivered a rare statement at the UN Security Council, accusing the United States of attaching “unjust” conditions to its offer of talks on Pyongyang’s military programs. Deputy Ambassador Kim in Ryong said it would be a “fatal miscalculation” by countries to believe that the latest sanctions imposed by the council will deter North Korea from developing its nuclear forces. “Their mean and indiscreet act would go in just the opposite direction to what they want,” said Kim during a debate on non-proliferation chaired by Bolivia, this month’s council president.

When Trump raises funds for Trump at the Trump Hotel

When Trump raises funds for Trump at the Trump HotelThe next US election is still more than 1,200 days away, but Donald Trump is already drumming up cash to pay for his campaign — and chose the Trump International Hotel, two steps from the White House, as a fundraising venue. On Wednesday, the 45th president of the United States will take part in a dinner benefiting the Republican Party and his own re-election bid, with a seat at the table reportedly starting at $35,000 — and rising to $100,000 for super donors. The White House is upfront about the president’s intention to seek a second term.