Panama says new evidence shows 1994 plane crash ‘terrorist’ incident

The country's president orders the case to be reopened after receiving Israeli intelligence ...
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Satmar Rebbe: ‘Tear your garment’ over Netanyahu

Satmar Rebbe calls PM 'head of the heretics,' says whoever heard his speech at US embassy opening 'should have torn ...
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F-35 stealth fighter sees first combat, in Israeli operation

Israel confirms the US-made F-35, from the world's costliest military programme, was used recently ...
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‘A campaign of persecution brimming with hypocrisy’

Public Security Minister slams EU call to investigate arrest of Arab activist at Gaza solidarity rally in Haifa. 'EU shouldn't ...
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'American Idol' finale highlights

19-year-old Maddie Poppe is America's new idol, beating runner-up Caleb Lee. The two singers revealed they've been dating this whole ...
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Self-driving Israeli tech in 8 million cars

Thanks to Israeli company Mobileye, 8 million partially-automated cars will be hitting streets in 2021.

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Illinois House enacts FY 2018 budget, ending record impasse

Illinois House enacts FY 2018 budget, ending record impasseBy Karen Pierog and Dave McKinney CHICAGO (Reuters) – Illinois’ first full-year budget since 2015 became law on Thursday after the House of Representatives overrode the governor’s vetoes of a $36 billion fiscal 2018 spending plan and $5 billion tax hike. The Democratic-controlled House was able to muster enough bipartisan votes to enact a trio of budget and revenue bills into law over Republican Governor Bruce Rauner’s objection. The House’s action, which was delayed by a hazardous material situation that prompted a nearly two-hour lockdown of the state Capitol in Springfield, followed successful Senate veto override votes on Tuesday.

Qualcomm steps up legal battle with Apple, asks iPhone ban

Qualcomm steps up legal battle with Apple, asks iPhone banQualcomm on Thursday escalated its legal battle with Apple, filing a patent infringement lawsuit and requesting a ban on the importation of some iPhones, claiming unlawful and unfair use of the chipmaker’s technology. Qualcomm said it filed two separate legal actions including a complaint asking for the iPhone import ban with the US International Trade Commission, a quasi-judicial government agency which hears cases involving trade disputes. The complaint alleges that iPhones, which are made in China, should not be allowed to be brought into the United States if they infringe on Qualcomm’s patents.

A step-by-step guide to utterly botching a simple handshake photo op, by Donald Trump and Angela Merkel

A step-by-step guide to utterly botching a simple handshake photo op, by Donald Trump and Angela MerkelPresident Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are two of the most powerful human beings on the planet. Their influence alone has the potential to topple economies, start and end wars — to alter the very course of our species' existence. Anyway, the two figures met in Hamburg ahead of the G20 summit on July 6 and engaged in one of the worst handshake photo ops I've ever seen. SEE ALSO: 8 executive orders Trump would sign if an aide forwarded him chain letters from my grandmother A handshake photo op works like this: You enter a room and stand in front of a backdrop or whatever. Image: Getty ImagesYou stand normally for a second — not like this. Image: Getty ImagesNo. Image: AFP/Getty ImagesYou look at each other and clasp hands. This is okay I suppose. Image: AFP/Getty ImagesAnd then you just … look generally toward the cameras. No, this is not correct. Image: Getty ImagesYou just have to … no, not this … you just look in the same direction. Image: Getty ImagesHm. No, not quite. Maybe just do neutral expressions, maybe that's easier? Image: Getty ImagesForget it! Who cares. This is good enough, whatever. Image: AFP/Getty ImagesGood lord. WATCH: Doctor Octopus-esque robotic arm attachments will lend you an extra hand or two

IS on 'last legs' in Mosul: Canadian general

IS on 'last legs' in Mosul: Canadian generalThe Islamic State group is on the verge of defeat in its former Iraqi stronghold of Mosul, where the jihadists will be fully ousted by next week, a coalition general said Thursday. Canadian Brigadier General Dave Anderson, who oversees the training of local forces for the US-led coalition, said Iraqi security forces have pushed IS into a final, small pocket of Mosul’s Old City by the Tigris River. “Iraq forces are within sight of the Tigris River from the west, and are facing an enemy on its absolutely last legs,” Anderson told reporters in a video call from Baghdad.