Hamas trying to unite Muslims against Trump

Hamas leaders trying to create an international and Arab front in an attempt to block American peace initiative.

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‘Supreme Court disconnected from reality’

Deputy Minister calls to change justice selection process after Supreme Court rejects appeal calling to destroy terrorists house.

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With John Bolton, Trump's White House gets a 'bad cop' for foreign policy

The president's new national security adviser may have been brought on to play "bad cop" to Trump's "good cop" on ...
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Police: Officers shot 2, believing escaped inmate was in car

DENVER (AP) — Denver police officers who opened fire killing one man and injuring another after a high-speed car chase ...
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The Comeback Is Complete: John Bolton Ascends To National Security Advisor

The National Interest was the first to report, in January, that Bolton was the leading candidate to replace H.R. McMaster ...
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First Air India flight arrives at Ben-Gurion Airport

Air India launches direct route between Tel Aviv and New Delhi which flies over Saudi Arabia.

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House passes Russia sanctions bill despite Trump's opposition

House passes Russia sanctions bill despite Trump's oppositionThe House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed legislation that punishes Russia for election meddling and makes it harder for Donald Trump to ease sanctions on Vladimir Putin’s government. The 419-3 vote came as federal and congressional investigators probe whether Trump campaign officials colluded with Russian operatives to influence the 2016 US presidential election. The Senate must now take up the legislation before it can be sent to the President’s desk.

Trump's recent Twitter rant appears to confirm secret CIA program in Syria

Trump's recent Twitter rant appears to confirm secret CIA program in SyriaYou know how sometimes you're tapping out a tweet or a Facebook post or an email and you hit "send" a second too soon and you're like, "shit, I shouldn't have said that?"  President Donald Trump has seemingly never felt that sensation. But perhaps he should try it out, because a tweet he sent late on Monday seems to confirm a secretive CIA program in Syria that he recently ended. SEE ALSO: 'SNL' writer treats Trump's tweets like they're text messages The president berated
The Washington Post for what he said was a fabrication of the facts regarding the ending of the program, almost certainly referring to a recent
Post article about the cancellation. The Amazon Washington Post fabricated the facts on my ending massive, dangerous, and wasteful payments to Syrian rebels fighting Assad….. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 25, 2017 The CIA program had reportedly provided funding for Syrian rebels fighting the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and the article had mentioned that the Russian government — whose ties with Trump world are under investigation by multiple bodies of United States government — had opposed the program. In the Syrian civil war, Moscow is on the side of Assad. Some might see that as fishy, but it's worth nothing that officials weren't sure the program was worthwhile well before Trump became president. Though the program is technically unacknowledged by the U.S. government, it's not strange that the
Post would report on it. Like large portions of the nation's various drone wars, some military/CIA programs are known to be non-secret secrets.
The Washington Post, by the way, is no stranger to being on the receiving end of a disparaging Trump tweet, nor is the media in general. But it's interesting the president picked out this story, given the scrutiny of his administration's relationship with their Russian counterparts.  WATCH: Donald Trump vs. The Dictionary

Warrant in Minnesota police shooting says woman slapped squad car

Warrant in Minnesota police shooting says woman slapped squad carThe detail came in an application for a search warrant, made public Monday in court documents, from state investigators examining what led to the July 15 shooting of Sydney native Justine Damond, 40. The fatal incident outraged the public in Australia and Minnesota, and led to the resignation of Minneapolis’ police chief.