An internet prankster is trolling Donald Trump with literal Russian ties

An internet prankster is trolling Donald Trump with literal Russian tiesWith all of the talk (and tweets) about Russian ties to the 2016 Donald Trump campaign, it was only a matter of time before someone turned the allegations into a internet prank aimed at the man in the Oval Office. SEE ALSO: 6 weird facts about the dude who connected Trump Jr. with the Russians The man behind popular Trump parody Twitter account @MatureTrumpTwts, known simply as "Barry," is now trolling Donald Trump with real Russian ties … as in an Russian neckties.  To poke fun of allegations of collusion, Barry launched "Russian Ties Are Real" where anyone can purchase either a necktie or a bowtie featuring a simple pattern of the Soviet Union's hammer and sickle and the outline of Trump's infamous hair.  Because, in the words of Barry, "Everyone else seems to have [Russian ties], now u can too!" BREAKING: Parody acct proves Everyone else seems to have them, now u can too! If you smiled, pls RT!#TrumpRussia — PresidentialTrump (@MatureTrumpTwts) July 17, 2017 Barry calls the ties "a humorous, tongue-in-cheek physical product," and he told
Mashable that he plans on donating a portion of the proceeds to some sort of charity or "kindness initiative," maybe even his own "The HumanKINDness Fund" nonprofit.  There are no plans for a second design yet, but, Barry says, that could always change based on the reaction to this first tie. He also joked that maybe, if they're a hit, he'll move on to socks next. Since launching in November, @MatureTrumpTwts has amassed 124,000 followers with its tweets that mock the real president by taking his typically-unhinged Twitter rants and repackaging them as the work of a mature, rational president.  Glad to be back in the U.S. We'll redouble our efforts to enhance healthcare, infrastructure & provide tax reform to improve YOUR lives. — PresidentialTrump (@MatureTrumpTwts) July 10, 2017 Let's just hope that you won't have to fix these ties with scotch tape like Trump does. WATCH: Trump is getting crushed at his own handshake game

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