Trump on Charlottesville: KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacist are repugnant, bigotry has no place in America

'Those who spread violence in the name of bigotry struck at the heart of America' ...
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Palestinian Authority release Hamas-linked journalists arrested for ‘harming public security’

Their release comes following that of a Palestinian journalist Hamas was holding in Gaza, allegedly the reason for the five's ...
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Watch today’s SpaceX launch live right here at 12:30 PM

SpaceX might have some seriously grand plans for the near future of its rocket program, but until the "world's most ...
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Jewish Insider’s Daily Kickoff: August 14, 2017

Israeli officials doubt US taking their concerns on Syria seriously | Pence calls out neo-Nazis by name | Drahi looks ...
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More than 200 killed in Sierra Leone as mudslide sweeps away homes

More than 200 people were killed when a mudslide struck the outskirts of Sierra Leone's capital Freetown on Monday, sweeping ...
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FBI and DHS Warned of Growing Threat From White Supremacists Months Ago

Trump doesn't want to call out white supremacists. The FBI already did.
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Oxford college treasurer and Black Death professor sought in US-wide murder manhunt

Oxford college treasurer and Black Death professor sought in US-wide murder manhuntA US-wide manhunt has been launched for an Oxford University employee accused of stabbing to death a hair stylist in Chicago. Police put out an all points bulletin for Andrew Warren, 56, a senior treasury assistant at Oxford's Somerville College, warning that he and an alleged accomplice were "armed and dangerous," and officers were told to use "extreme caution" if they were sighted.  The pair were last seen driving a rented grey 2017 Hyundai car. Warren's fellow suspect was named as Wyndham Lathem, 42, an expert researcher of the bubonic plague, and an associate professor of microbiology and immunology a Northwestern University in Chicago. They were accused of killing Trenton Cornell-Duranleau, 26 and, according to a court-issued warrant, they allegedly "stabbed him multiple times thereby causing the death". Wyndham Lathem Credit: Chicago Police Department The incident took place in Lathem's flat on the 10th floor of an apartment block and the victim was found dead at 9.05 pm on July 27. A Chicago police spokesman said the two suspects were believed to have known Cornell-Duranleau, and had probably fled Chicago. The spokesman said: "Something pivotal happened that resulted in the victim being attacked. The investigation is only intensifying.  "We strongly encourage them to do the right thing and turn themselves in." Trenton James Cornell-Duranleau Credit: Facebook A letter delivered to other residents of the building said police were "exploring a variety of motives, including a possible domestic incident". In a statement Oxford University said it was "not aware of this case, which is clearly extremely concerning. We will liaise with the relevant investigating authorities and provide any assistance that is required". Mischelle Duranleau, the victim's mother, wrote on Facebook: "Throughout his life he loved music and animals. His enthusiasm for life was infectious. "Trenton was a caregiver and loved to help others. His  youthful free-spirit fueled his love of cars, video games and cartoons." According to a social media page Warren lives in Swindon. Lathem has been an academic at Northwestern University since 2007 and teaches graduate students. His social media profiles showed visits to various scientific events. A spokesman for Northwestern University said: "There is no indication of any risk to the Northwestern community from this individual at this time. "This is now a criminal matter under investigation by the appropriate authorities, and Northwestern University is cooperating in that investigation."

White House's 'We Don't Care Much For Brown Folks Week' Going OK

White House's 'We Don't Care Much For Brown Folks Week' Going OKIf you had asked us eight months ago what White House press briefings would be like in the Trump administration, “robust debates about poetry” would not have been high on our list of expected features. The Boy Scouts’ chief contested Donald Trump’s statements about his address to the outdoors group, so we’re surprised Trump hasn’t made any noise yet about being awarded badges in land-leasing condo developments. PRESIDENT SIGNS LAW THAT HE HATES AND THINKS IS ILLEGAL – And to think he’s getting angry at congressional Republicans for not pursuing Obamacare repeal further.

White House argues with CNN reporter about meaning of Statue of Liberty

White House argues with CNN reporter about meaning of Statue of LibertyCapping off weeks of tumult in Washington, the White House Press briefing recently descended into a heated argument between reporters and the administration about the Statue of Liberty. Senior presidential advisor Stephen Miller stopped by the press briefing to promote an immigration bill that Donald Trump has recently thrown his weight behind. Mr Miller – a central author of Mr Trump’s travel ban on six Muslim majority countries – described this latest policy as “compassionate” and “common-sense”.