Israel, Hamas agree to restore calm in Gaza: Hamas

Hamas said on Saturday it had agreed a truce with Israel in the Gaza Strip, a day after clashes killed ...
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Gaza truce largely holds after Israeli strikes over soldier death

A ceasefire announced by Hamas largely held Saturday after a wave of deadly air strikes across the Palestinian enclave sparked ...
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Neil Armstrong's personal collection of moon landing artefacts up for sale

The vast personal collection of Neil Armstrong, the first person to set foot on the Moon, is to go under ...
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The three generations of one family killed in US 'duck boat' tragedy

A survivor of the duck boat tragedy in Missouri has described the pain of losing her children and her husband in a ...
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Following Israeli deployment, U.S., European allies map out larger role for F-35 fighter

Norway, Britain and Italy will have 40 F-35s by the end of 2018, with the first U.S. jets in 2021; ...
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Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bring A Joint Progressive Push To Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Democratic U.S. House
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Kenya opposition vows 'will not relent' as 11 die in poll protests

Kenya opposition vows 'will not relent' as 11 die in poll protestsKenya’s defeated opposition coalition vowed Saturday they would not halt their bid to overturn a “sham” election result, which sparked violent protests that have left 11 people dead. Protests flared in opposition bastions as soon as President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the victor on Friday night after an election his rival Raila Odinga claimed was massively rigged. Kenya is no stranger to post-election violence, and scars still run deep from a disputed 2007 vote which led to two months of ethno-political clashes, leaving 1,100 dead and 600,000 displaced.

Fulton District Attorney says no investigation into R Kelly 'cult' claims after local official calls for criminal probe

Fulton District Attorney says no investigation into R Kelly 'cult' claims after local official calls for criminal probeA Georgia official is pressing his local district attorney’s office to open a criminal investigation related to pop star R Kelly, local media has reported, even though police say there have been no “criminal allegations” and there will be no police investigation. Now Fulton County chairman John Eaves has called for the Fulton County District Attorney’s office to launch an investigation, saying a police probe “has provided key information that we believe is enough evidence”, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A spokesman for the John’s Creek Police Department said in an email to The Independent that “there is absolutely no new evidence against R Kelly”.

Violent protests break out in Kenya after Uhuru Kenyatta officially declared winner of presidential election

Violent protests break out in Kenya after Uhuru Kenyatta officially declared winner of presidential electionGunfire echoed through the slums of Nairobi on Friday night after President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner of a disputed election, triggering a violent outpouring of anger in opposition strongholds. Screams and gunshots could be heard in several of the capital’s poorer districts moments after the electoral commission sought to end a four-day impasse over the outcome of Tuesday’s vote by announcing Mr Kenyatta’s sweeping victory over his rival Raila Odinga. The president secured a second five-year term after winning 54 per cent of the vote, a 1.4 million vote margin that was larger than opinion polls suggested. The opposition rejected the result even before it was announced, complaining of "systematic" fraud. Supporters of the opposition leader Raila Odinga burn a tyre Credit: EPA With violent protests also being reported in Kisumu, Kenya’s third city, there were fears that the former British colony could witness a reprise of the violence that claimed 1,300 lives after Mr Odinga’s defeat in another election ten years ago. Members of Mr Odinga’s Luo ethnic group attacked property belonging to members of the president’s tribe in Nairobi’s Kibera slum as police struggled to control the violence, despite being deployed in record numbers. “They are burning down Kikuyu homes,” a resident said. With 180,000 security personnel drawn from the army, police and even the forestry service on standby, Kenyan authorities will hope to stamp out the violence quickly. A supporter wears a cloth wrap showing Kenya's incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta Credit: AP But many worry what the human cost of such a massive show of force might be. “There are gunshots all over,” Lucas Odhiambo, a Kisumu resident, was quoted as saying by the Associated Press. “We don’t know how it will end but we are praying for peace. Mr Kenyatta appealed for calm but there was no word from his vanquished rival, who has hinted that he may take his battle for the presidency, which he claimed to have won, to the streets. Moments before the official announcement was made, the opposition rejected the result and walked out of the main election centre. Kenya police officers stand guard ahead of Friday's announcement Credit: EPA A police officer stands guard at the national tallying centre as Kenyans await the announcement on Friday Credit: EPA “We are not going to be party to this,” Musalia Mudavadi, one of the opposition coalition’s five leaders, said. “Our issues have not been addressed.” Defying international pressure, the Odinga campaign ruled out a legal challenge. “For us going to court is not an alternative,” James Orengo, a manager of the Odinga campaign, said. “We have been there before.” The opposition had earlier demanded that Mr Odinga be declared president after claiming an elaborate conspiracy to cheat him of victory. Supporter of Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga have pledged to take to the streets  Credit: Reuters The opposition leader claimed that the electoral system had been hacked to alter the result in favour of his opponent and later accused the electoral commission of deliberately concealing the true result of the vote, which he said he had obtained from a whistleblower. The electoral commission said it had investigated and refuted Mr Odinga’s claims, but, in a country with a history of electoral fraud and a reputation for deep-seated corruption, the pronouncement did little to alleviate the suspicion of opposition supporters. Yet many observers say they hope any violence is likely to be more limited than that which followed 2007 election, which was more antagonising because it appeared more obviously skewed against Mr Odinga. This time round, there has been greater scepticism about the opposition’s rigging claims, although Mr Odinga is now attempting to put together a more coherent, if still unsubstantiated, case by addressing the most serious question hanging over the election’s credibility. A police officer deflects a stone thrown by a supporter of opposition candidate Raila Odinga Credit: AFP The electoral commission, known as the IEBC, has so far been unable to explain why key documentation that would confirm results submitted by returning officers was apparently missing from a quarter of the country’s 41,000 polling stations. Mr Odinga’s campaign yesterday revealed the existence of a parallel tallying centre — kept secret after masked gunmen raided its previous incarnation days before the election — that is attempting to collate results from its agents’ copies of the missing forms. Political unrest in Kenya as opposition challenges election result 00:36 David Ndii, who heads the opposition’s technical committee, said he was not yet able to provide a full result of the opposition count as not all the forms had been collected. But he said that an early “snapshot” cast the official result into doubt. “We have been able to do a statistically random sample based on more than 1m votes and there is nothing that gives you the number the IEBC is giving,” he said. “They are off by far.”

Canada FM urges US, N. Korea to step back

Canada FM urges US, N. Korea to step backCanadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland on Friday condemned North Korea’s “unacceptable” actions while urging both the United States and the totalitarian regime to step back from a possible catastrophic conflict on the Korean peninsula. Freeland, speaking days after a Canadian pastor was released from a North Korean prison, said North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile program is a grave threat that must be stopped.