Parkland Survivor To Melania Trump: Stop Donald Trump Jr. From Cyberbullying Me

A 14-year-old survivor of the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, has pleaded with first lady Melania Trump to stop her stepson Donald ...
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Joanna Demafelis: Employer of Filipina maid found dead in freezer arrested

The employer of a Filipina maid who was found dead in a freezer is arrested in Lebanon ...
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Don’t Count Bibi Out — Yet

There’s a reason Israel’s prime minister has endured ...
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How the Nile could see a ‘water war’

A new dam on the river Nile could trigger the world's first war about water, writes Alastair Leithead ...
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National Rifle Association facing backlash as corporate giants drop links with gun lobby group

A wave of companies has ended their association with the National Rifle Association as the backlash against the gun lobby ...
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Ex-NFL Player In Custody After Instagram Post Prompts High School Closure

An Instagram post by former Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin prompted a private Los Angeles area high school to shut ...
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Mystery Havana embassy attacks hurt 16 US staff

Mystery Havana embassy attacks hurt 16 US staffNo fewer than 16 Americans were hurt in what has previously been dubbed an acoustic attack on the US mission in Cuba, the State Department said Thursday. The “unprecedented” attacks came to light last month when Washington warned Cuba it would be held responsible for the safety of US personnel in Havana. US officials have said those hurt appeared to have been targeted by some form of previously unknown acoustic assault, but have not blamed Cuba directly.

White supremacist becomes first white man in Florida to be executed for killing black man

White supremacist becomes first white man in Florida to be executed for killing black manThe state of Florida on Thursday executed its first death row inmate in nearly two years, using a lethal injection cocktail that had never been tried before in the United States and putting to death the first white man convicted of killing a black man. Mark Asay, 53, was sentenced to death in 1988 for a racially motivated double murder in Jacksonville, Florida a year earlier. He became the first white man in state history to be executed for killing a black man. Since the state reinstated death sentences in 1976, 20 black men have been executed for killing white victims, according to the Death Penalty Information Center. The execution was carried out at 6:22 pm (22.22 GMT), the Florida Department of Corrections said. For his last meal, Asay ordered fried pork chops, fried ham, fries, vanilla swirl ice cream and Coca-Cola, authorities said. He did not make a final statement. Earlier this month, the Florida Supreme Court denied a stay of execution for Asay, who had challenged the state's plan to employ a lethal injection cocktail that includes etomidate, an anesthetic never before used in carrying out an execution in the US. It replaces another drug, midazolam, which has been the subject of significant legal wrangling. According to critics, midazolam does not always adequately sedate prisoners, therefore subjecting them to excessive suffering. Corrections department spokeswoman Ashley Cook told AFP the department "follows the law and carries out the sentence of the court." "This is the department's most solemn duty and the foremost objective of the lethal injection procedure is a humane and dignified process," Cook said. Asay was the first prisoner to be executed in Florida since January 2016, before the state's supreme court ruled that Florida executions were unconstitutional because judges were granted powers that should be reserved for juries. He also was the first white man convicted of killing a black man to be executed in the state since Florida reinstated the death penalty in 1976, according to the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC). Since then, the state has executed 92 inmates – 20 of them black inmates who had at least one white victim. Fifty-four others were white inmates who had white victims, according to DPIC data. Prosecutors say Asay fatally shot Robert Lee Booker, an African American, after making racist remarks. He killed his other victim, Robert McDowell, who has been identified as white and Hispanic and was apparently dressed as a woman, after making a deal to pay him for sex. Difficult to administer Janssen, a pharmaceutical division of the company Johnson & Johnson, developed etomidate and has objected to its use in executions. "Janssen discovers and develops medical innovations to save and enhance lives," spokesman Greg Panico told The Washington Post. "We do not condone the use of our medicines in lethal injections for capital punishment." Etomidate is difficult to administer and can cause severe irritation and burns if used incorrectly, warned Jonathan Groner, a professor of surgery at Ohio State University who is against the death penalty. Groner said administering the drug particularly "hurts when it's being injected if the veins are damaged – and a lot of people on death row have damaged veins because they're either old or they have an IV drug abuse history."