Behind the barrier are people

The inhabitants of Gaza are not the enemy. They are suffering human beings who need help. Israel can and must help

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  • Lend a hand to the Gazans10 April, 2017 Lend a hand to the Gazans Hamas is Israel’s enemy, but the people of the Gaza Strip are not. Gazans are people who are suffering and who need help. And on this Passover, Israel can and should come to their aid.
  • Netanyahu above the law11 August, 2017 Netanyahu above the law The branding of minority views and the media as representing the enemies of the people is a phenomenon well known from history
  • Israeli goes after yet another human rights NGO30 November, 2017 Israeli goes after yet another human rights NGO Education Minister Naftali Bennett just added the Association of Civil Rights in Israel to B’Tselem and Breaking the Silence, organizations that have been the focus of the government’s persecution for some time
  • Israel is arming criminals27 September, 2017 Israel is arming criminals Lawmakers from across the spectrum should come together to put an immediate stop to Israel's weapons sales to Myanmar, where crimes against humanity are being committed
  • Two capitals for two peoples6 December, 2017 Two capitals for two peoples Instead of unilateral declarations favoring one side, the goal must be West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and East Jerusalem as the capital of a Palestinian state

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