Parkland Survivor To Melania Trump: Stop Donald Trump Jr. From Cyberbullying Me

A 14-year-old survivor of the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, has pleaded with first lady Melania Trump to stop her stepson Donald ...
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Joanna Demafelis: Employer of Filipina maid found dead in freezer arrested

The employer of a Filipina maid who was found dead in a freezer is arrested in Lebanon ...
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Don’t Count Bibi Out — Yet

There’s a reason Israel’s prime minister has endured ...
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How the Nile could see a ‘water war’

A new dam on the river Nile could trigger the world's first war about water, writes Alastair Leithead ...
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National Rifle Association facing backlash as corporate giants drop links with gun lobby group

A wave of companies has ended their association with the National Rifle Association as the backlash against the gun lobby ...
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Ex-NFL Player In Custody After Instagram Post Prompts High School Closure

An Instagram post by former Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin prompted a private Los Angeles area high school to shut ...
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Deal with Trump, GOP retirements have Dems riding higher

Deal with Trump, GOP retirements have Dems riding higherWASHINGTON (AP) — Relegated for months to playing defense, congressional Democrats are rising again. They've been revitalized by the deal their leaders cut with President Donald Trump this week and by a trickle of GOP retirements that have boosted their hopes of capturing House control next year.

Details emerge of aborted deal for Moscow's Trump Tower – 'help peace and make money'

Details emerge of aborted deal for Moscow's Trump Tower - 'help peace and make money'The Trump Organisation stood to make $4 million and a cut of the profits under the aborted deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, it has emerged. According to detailed plans, obtained by CNN, the scheme even included proposals to open a spa which would have been named after Mr Trump's daughter Ivanka. Negotiations were still taking place in October 2015, four months after Mr Trump announced he was running for the White House. The plans entailed building a hotel, flats and commercial property in central Moscow in a venture which would have carried the Trump brand under a franchising agreement. Ivanka Trump Credit: Susan Walsh/AP Mr Trump's interest in exploiting commercial opportunities in Moscow have hardly been secret, he first expressed interest in building a tower in the Russian capital in the 1990s. But he repeatedly denied having any business links with Russia while he was campaigning for the White House. The documents include a Letter of Understanding for the venture between Trump Acquisition LLC and the I.C. Expert Investment Company of Moscow. In an accompanying email Felix Sater, a Russian born property developer to Michael Cohen, Trump Organisation's executive vice president attached a  "Letter of Understanding" for Mr Trump to sign. Mr Sater wrote: "Help world peace and make a lot of money. I would say that's a great lifetime goal for us to go after." The deal, Mr Sater added, could "possibly fix relations between the countries by showing everyone that commerce & business are much better and more practical than politics. Donald Trump meets Vladimir Putin Credit: Evan Vucci/AP "That should be Putin's message as well, and we will help him agree on that message." In late 2015 there appeared to be considerable warmth between Mr Trump and Mr Putin. The aspiring Republican candidate voiced a desire that he and the Russian leader would "get along". In turn, Mr Putin described the billionaire as "a bright and talented person without any doubt." Despite the detailed negotiations, the project was scrapped. Nevertheless, details of the proposal will rekindle suggestions that Mr Trump's desire for a rapprochement with Moscow was commercially as well as politically driven. A special counsel and the Senate Intelligence Committee are both probing alleged Russian involvement in the presidential election.

U.S. Navy moving aircraft carrier for Hurricane Irma relief

U.S. Navy moving aircraft carrier for Hurricane Irma reliefThe U.S. Navy said on Friday that it was moving the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln and other ships into position to provide humanitarian relief from Hurricane Irma if needed. The Abraham Lincoln, along with the amphibious assault ship Iwo Jima and transport dock ship New York, have left Norfolk, Virginia and are making their way south while trying to avoid the hurricane, U.S. officials said. In total, the four ships have three CH-53E Marine heavy lift helicopters, 10 MH-60S and 14 MH-60R Navy medium life helicopters.