Balloons with suspicious devices explode in Kissufim

A fireman from Gaza border region witnesses a cluster of balloons, equipped with explosive materials and most likely flown from ...
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Iran arrests ‘large network’ over Ahvaz attack

Saturday's attack in Ahvaz killed 25 people at a military parade featuring Iran's Revolutionary Guard ...
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Equities slide as US and China trade blows

Asian and European stocks slid Monday as US tariffs on another $200 billion of Chinese imports took effect, clouding the ...
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Michelle Obama calls out 'nastiness of our politics' during voting rally

Michelle Obama said she hoped to get Nevada residents "fired up" to vote.
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Russia to upgrade Syrian air defences

Russia says it will send the S-300 system within weeks, after an aircraft was shot down off Syria ...
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Russia to supply Syria with S-300 anti-missile system

Defence Minister Shoigu says anti-aircraft unit, equipped with Russian tracking and guidance systems, will be transferred to region within two ...
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Puerto Rico calls on U.S. utilities to help restore power

Puerto Rico calls on U.S. utilities to help restore powerPuerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) Executive Director Ricardo Ramos sent a letter on Tuesday to utility industry trade groups requesting assistance from U.S. mainland utilities, they said. Restoration of power on the island will now shift toward other utilities and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after the Puerto Rican government removed a small Montana contractor.

US vows to again oppose UN vote against Cuba embargo

US vows to again oppose UN vote against Cuba embargoPresident Donald Trump’s administration will revive Wednesday the annual US tradition of voting against a UN resolution condemning the American trade embargo against Cuba. For just over a quarter of a century, Cuba has brought the motion before the General Assembly, and every year, Washington and one or two diehard allies voted against — until last year. Then, former president Barack Obama decided to abstain from the vote, marking with a symbolic gesture the cautious thaw in relations that his White House had begun to negotiate with Raul Castro’s communist regime.