US Embassy in Jerusalem to cost $$21.5 million for upgrades

Upgrades to complete full relocation of embassy staff from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem to cost $21.5 million, compared to estimate ...
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PA again goes to the ICC

PA official in charge of foreign affairs protests ICC's failure to launch investigation against Israel.

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British rabbis call out Labour over definition of anti-Semitism

68 British rabbis sign letter decrying anti-Semitism in Labour, calling on the party to accept international definition of anti-Semitism.

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Algeria to retry ‘jihadist mentor’ expelled by France

Algeria to retry radical Islamic preacher who became mentor to French jihadists and who was expelled from France.

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British Rabbis call out Labour Party for redefining anti-Semitism

Writing to the Guardian, the group, decried the “insulting and arrogant way” the Labour Party was looking to amend the ...
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Trump: ‘Phony witch hunt’ driving us and Russia apart

Trump says biggest wedge between U.S. and Russia is Mueller probe into Russian interference in 2016 election.

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Trump says Tillerson could be tougher, but they have good relationship

Trump says Tillerson could be tougher, but they have good relationshipU.S. President Donald Trump said on Saturday he had a good relationship with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson but that Tillerson could be tougher. Trump, who made the comment to reporters at the White House, did not elaborate. NBC reported this week that in a session with Trump’s national security team and Cabinet officials at the Pentagon, Tillerson had openly criticized the president and referred to him as a “moron.” Tillerson on Wednesday said he had never considered resigning and was committed to Trump’s agenda, but failed to address whether he had referred to the president as a “moron,” as NBC reported.

Turkey backs Syrian rebels for "serious operation" in Idlib

Turkey backs Syrian rebels for "serious operation" in IdlibBy Ece Toksabay and Suleiman Al-Khalidi ANKARA/BEIRUT (Reuters) – Syrian rebel fighters are launching a major military operation backed by Turkish forces into a northwestern area of Syria largely controlled by jihadists, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday. Rebels said they were preparing to start the operation soon in Idlib province and surrounding areas, which represent Syria’s most populous rebel-held area, and residents reported Turkish authorities removing sections of a border wall. The incursion is being carried out after Iran and Russia, which back President Bashar al-Assad, and Turkey, which supports the rebels, agreed last month to reduce fighting between insurgents and the government in the northwest.

Losses at Donald Trump's Scottish golf resorts have doubled

Losses at Donald Trump's Scottish golf resorts have doubledDonald Trump boasts of making great deals, but a financial records filed in the UK show he has lost millions of dollars for three years running on a couple of his more recent big investments, his Scottish golf resorts. In the report, Mr Trump’s company attributed the results partly to having shut down its Turnberry resort for half the year while building a new course there and fixing up an old one. The company also has lost a court fight to stop an offshore wind farm near that resort, drew objections from environmental regulators over building plans there in August and appears at risk of losing a bid to host the coveted Scottish Open at its courses.

'Rick and Morty' fans are not happy about how that Szechuan sauce promotion went down

'Rick and Morty' fans are not happy about how that Szechuan sauce promotion went downHope you were first in line at McDonalds today,
Rick and Morty fans. Looks like that Szechuan sauce went fast. The condiment became a cultural phenomenon after it was featured during the show's Season 3 premiere in April — such a phenomenon, in fact, that
Mickey D's decided to release the now-iconic sauce for one day only: October 7.  The promotion was set to begin at 2 p.m., and
Rick and Morty fans across the country made plans to snag a packet of their own. SEE ALSO: Why 'Rick and Morty' is the realest show on TV right now However, many people complained on Twitter Saturday that their stores had begun selling the sauce early, or that they barely had any in stock at all. (To be fair, McDonald's did warn customers that stock would be "really, really limited.") The line for Szechuan Sauce half an hour before it is served. — Drake McHorror (@TrailerDrake) October 7, 2017 Very disappointed with @McDonalds and Szechuan sauce disaster. Locations including mine were supposed to have it and didn’t. — Anstiss Eaton (@anstissmarie) October 7, 2017 There’s already a line at University/McClintock McDonalds for the Szechuan sauce and they won’t give out the sauce until 2 p.m. — PhoenixNewTimes (@phoenixnewtimes) October 7, 2017 mcdonalds really ruined the szechuan sauce promotion — ego (@EvgeniMaIkinEgo) October 7, 2017 When you go to @McDonalds to get Szechuan sauce and they don’t have any — Anthony Harter (@AHarter01) October 7, 2017 Waiting in line for my #Szechuan Saucei in MV. God what am i doing. — Jeff Flowers (@jflowers1974) October 7, 2017 Not very happy with @McDonalds right now… they weren't even supposed to give out the Szechuan sauce yet and they're already out… — Brendon Ford (@bchevy04) October 7, 2017 Now, of course, there appears to be a hearty Szechuan sauce black market. As someone who’s tasted Szechuan sauce I cannot imagine the disappointment of the person I saw pay $400 for a packet outside this McDonald’s — dan (@dingostop) October 7, 2017 So if you didn't get a packet this round, see you in… nine… seasons? We aren't sure. But whatever you do, don't look on eBay. It won't make you feel better.
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