‘Talk little and act quietly and professionally’

Details of attack published last night are impressive - both from intelligence and security aspects, says Zionist Union chair Avi ...
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Did a British company abuse Facebook users’ info?

Cambridge Analytica denies using 50 million Facebook users' information to promote Pres. Trump's election campaign.

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Syrian reactor was enabled by North Korea

Former US Deputy National Security Adviser Jeffrey says elimination of Syria's reactor was 'a blessing' for all humanity.

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Flights over Saudi Airspace officially a ‘go’

Air India announced that they will offer new, faster direct flights between Tel Aviv and New Delhi by flying directly ...
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With ‘son of a dog’ remark, Abbas showed he’s finished with America. And Jerusalem rejoiced

What better gift for Israel in honor of the 51st anniversary of the occupation than Mahmoud Abbas showing there's no ...
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For Jerusalem police, a Palestinian who doesn’t prevent a 34-second stabbing attack is a criminal

To expect someone to intervene and risk being mistaken for the terrorist is a cruel demand, but the police still ...
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Precious little superfan gets a unique Batman doll made just for her

Precious little superfan gets a unique Batman doll made just for herThere's nothing more precious than a young girl and her love for Batman.  Reddit user and mom,  tas253, shared an adorable photo Monday of her daughter, Daisy, holding a new stuffed friend inspired by one of DC's most admirable superheroes.  SEE ALSO: Dad bod Batman drawn by an 11-year-old girl is the hero this city needs Image: via reddit user tas253The "Batman doll," which resembles the 3 year old from her curly brown hair to her pink frames, was lovingly made and given by a family friend as a gift.  "She wanted to be Batman for Halloween and I felt bad because she couldn't wear the mask due to her glasses," tas253 told
Mashable. "So, I asked my friend, Alycia, who is amazing at crochet if she could make Daisy a doll with a Batman body but with Daisy's head."  According to the mom, the toy was created within a matter of days and her friend plans on making similar dolls for children in hospitals.  As for the youngster, her wide grin says it all. "If I call her Batgirl or anything other than Batman, she corrects me and says 'no, she's Batman," the proud mom wrote on Reddit.   You tell 'em, little one! We'll definitely be on the lookout for your bat signal.  WATCH: A bunch of YouTube stars remade ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in the style of a home movie

Skies around Disneyland turn orange as Anaheim Hills fire rages

Skies around Disneyland turn orange as Anaheim Hills fire ragesIt's not looking like the happiest place on earth today. As historic wildfires rage across the state of California, guests at Disneyland in Anaheim are some of the latest to experience a pre-Halloween fright. SEE ALSO: Insane wildfire photo perfectly sums up America in 2017 14 fires in northern California laid waste to some 1,500 structures over Sunday and Monday while Santa Ana winds put much of southern California in critical danger. In Anaheim, entire neighborhoods were evacuated while smoke billowed near the famous resort.  Visitors have shared some of their photos of the smoky scene on social media.  @Disneyland looking surreal with #canyonfire2 burning in the distance pic.twitter.com/gaVpOrwXw1 — Laura Olden (@LOldenPhoto) October 9, 2017 Fire skies as seen at #Disney #dca #california #fire pic.twitter.com/OzS5rXcczX — Donna Biroczky (@DangerCupcake) October 9, 2017 The view from Disneyland of the #anaheimhills fire. pic.twitter.com/S7adGlzxU5 — Terry Scanlon (@terryscanlon) October 9, 2017 Smoky skies over #Disneyland #fire pic.twitter.com/rLoRr1lF2G — Tianna M. (@TMac80) October 9, 2017 Disney’s California Adventure is on fire  pic.twitter.com/xqZ2jbSMJM — AP (@yeeitsanthonyy) October 9, 2017 To make matters even worse, guests report that ash is falling from the sky. That's right. Charred ash is quite literally going to rain on their afternoon parade.  Forest fires causing the sky at Disneyland and DCA to be filled with smoke. Ash raining from the sky. pic.twitter.com/oWWZPOTnx4 — Taylor Strickland (@WTStrick) October 9, 2017 Ash from Anaheim Hills fire falling on some guests food. Most patrons seem to be going about their day at Downtown Disney at @Disneyland. pic.twitter.com/3hQhxAuhKn — Brian M. Westbrook (@BrianWestbrook) October 9, 2017 Local news outlet KTLA reports that several freeways have been shut down in the area due to the fire, which comes just two weeks behind a massive 2,662-acre blaze in Coal Canyon. Mandatory evacuations for #CanyonFire2 in effect for homes east of Serrano, north of Nohl Ranch, south of 91 fwy. pic.twitter.com/xJBtTE8L3U — Anaheim Fire &Rescue (@AnaheimFire) October 9, 2017 Despite the wildfire burning through Anaheim, Disneyland currently remains open, according to guest services.  WATCH: How to prepare for natural disasters

Texas girl, 3, missing after she was sent outside at night as punishment

Texas girl, 3, missing after she was sent outside at night as punishmentA 3-year-old girl in suburban Dallas is missing after her father said he punished her for not drinking her milk by telling her to stand outside by herself at night near an alley behind her home, police said on Monday. Wesley Mathews, 37, has been arrested for suspected child endangerment for the treatment of his daughter, Sherin. About five hours after sending her outside, Mathews called police to report her missing, a police spokesman said.