History in Saudi Arabia as women permitted to drive

Notorious longstanding ban on female driving in Saudi Arabia lifted at midnight on Sunday.

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Prince William makes historic visit to Middle East

The prince embarks on the first official royal visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories ...
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Washington to Syrian rebels: Don’t expect support from us

Washington tells main Syrian rebel factions they should not expect military support to help them resist government offensive.

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Holocaust survivor and Palestinians’ rights lawyer Felicia Langer dies in exile at 87

Felicia Langer fought, first in Israel and then from Germany, for the enforcement of international law from which Israel excepted ...
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US moves 100 coffins to N. Korean border for war remains

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The U.S. military said it moved 100 wooden coffins to the inter-Korean border to prepare ...
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Russian jets strike rebel held town in Syria: opposition sources

Russian jets struck an opposition held town in southwest Syria on Sunday, opposition sources said, in the first air cover ...
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What did Hope Hicks lie about? Newsroom readers have thoughts

What did Hope Hicks lie about? Newsroom readers have thoughts“She tells Trump how great he is.” “Does Hicks realize that she is not a contestant on ‘The Bachelor’?” Hope Hicks resigned one day after reports claimed she told “white lies” for President Trump, but it’s unclear what about. Newsroom readers have some theories.

During a closed-door testimony, White House communications director Hope Hicks reportedly admitted her job has sometimes required her to tell “white lies” on the president’s behalf. The admission has sparked questions and concern. Newsroom commenters believe: “Lies are lies” no matter how big or small. Others think that “anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously … cannot be trusted.”

According to reports, Hicks insisted she didn’t lie about the investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

What do you think Hicks lied about? Should “white lies” get a pass? Join the conversation in Newsroom.

Correction: Wisconsin Infant Deaths story

Correction: Wisconsin Infant Deaths storyMILWAUKEE (AP) — In a story Feb. 27 about a woman accused of killing three infants, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office performed all three autopsies and attributed the deaths to sudden infant death syndrome. It only performed the second and third autopsies. The Milwaukee Children's Hospital, now known as Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, performed the first autopsy and attributed the death to SIDS.