Rouhani lashes out at ‘tower builder’ Trump

Iranian President rules out any changes or additions to 2015 nuclear deal.

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Macron: France wouldn’t be the same without Jews

French President denounces anti-Semitism, calls for toughness in fighting it.

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Despite state pressure, number of asylum seekers agreeing to leave Israel drops in 2018

In each of the first three months of the year, around 200 Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers left Israel, while ...
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More allegations emerge on VA pick as nomination falters

WASHINGTON (AP) — White House doctor Ronny Jackson exhibited a pattern of recklessly prescribing drugs and drunken behavior, including crashing ...
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Germany: Iran deal can’t be rengotiated

Spokesman for German Foreign Ministry says keeping the nuclear deal with Iran is a top priority for the country.

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France's Macron pushes back at 'America First' agenda

France's President Emmanuel Macron urged the United States to embrace multilateralism and warned of the perils of trade war and ...
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Mexico presidential front-runners hit back at Trump tweets

Mexico presidential front-runners hit back at Trump tweetsCiudad Juárez (Mexico) (AFP) – Mexico’s top presidential candidates lashed out Sunday at Donald Trump for saying the country was doing “very little” to stop illegal migration, and vowed to take a harder line with the US president. “We are going to be very respectful toward the United States government, but we are also going to demand that (the United States) respect Mexicans,” he told a cheering crowd as he kicked off his campaign in Ciudad Juarez, on the US border.

Saks Fifth Avenue data breached: parent firm

Saks Fifth Avenue data breached: parent firmA hack at Saks and Lord & Taylor stores in North America has compromised customer payment data, their parent company announced on Sunday. Canadian-based Hudson’s Bay Company did not say how many credit and debit cards were affected by the breach at upscale retailer Saks Fifth Avenue, Saks OFF Fifth, and Lord & Taylor department stores. “HBC has identified the issue, and has taken steps to contain it,” the parent firm said of the intrusion, the latest affecting companies with large user bases.

Incoming national security adviser John Bolton casts doubts on North Korea talks

Incoming national security adviser John Bolton casts doubts on North Korea talksDonald Trump’s hawkish new choice for national security adviser has cast doubt on upcoming talks with North Korea, a Republican senator said. “He has a very healthy scepticism of North Korea”, Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican and administration ally, said of newly elevated adviser John Bolton in an appearance on Fox News Sunday. “I had dinner with Bolton a couple of nights ago.

'Out of control' Chinese space lab to meet fiery end within hours

'Out of control' Chinese space lab to meet fiery end within hoursAn abandoned Chinese space laboratory is set to meet a fiery end within hours as it re-enters Earth’s atmosphere, hitting a speed of around 26,000 kilometres an hour before disintegrating. The European Space Agency forecast that China’s defunct Tiangong-1 craft would come down during “a window of about four hours… centred on 01:07 UTC (GMT)” on Monday. The China Manned Space Engineering Office had said earlier Sunday that the abandoned orbital outpost would make its earthbound plunge on Monday.

'Deal reached' for Syria rebels to quit last Ghouta holdout

'Deal reached' for Syria rebels to quit last Ghouta holdoutThe Syrian regime on Sunday drew closer to taking full control of rebel bastion Eastern Ghouta after a deal appeared to be reached for fighters and civilians to leave the enclave’s last opposition pocket. The agreement brokered by government ally Moscow would see fighters with the Jaish al-Islam rebel faction leave Ghouta’s main town of Douma for opposition territory in northern Syria, state media and a monitoring group.