Lebanon’s Hariri arrives in Paris after rumors of Saudi detainment

French leader Macron says Hariri will be received 'with the honors due a prime minister,' even though he has announced ...
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Netanyahu seems unfazed by Trump’s looming Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

Netanyahu appears more worried about passing a 2019 budget than by the emerging Trump peace plan; he might have hidden ...
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U.S. warns Palestinians: Enter peace talks with Israel, or you may lose U.S. embassy

Move by Tillerson is based on provision to U.S. law that stipulates Palestinians must close their U.S. office if they ...
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Judge Running For Ohio Governor Boasts On Facebook He's Bedded 50 Women

An Ohio Supreme Court justice who is campaigning to become governor of the state took to Facebook on Friday to ...
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Russia's Nuclear Submarine Force Is Back (Maybe)

Russia’s Navy has a new nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) patrolling the world’s seas. On Friday, the submarine, Knyaz Vladimir, ...
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Saad Hariri: Lebanon PM leaves Saudi Arabia

Saad Hariri is now flying to France, after earlier denying claims he was being held in Saudi Arabia ...
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