Israeli politics is becoming fascistic, Israeli opposition leader warns

Isaac Herzog says more and more people in Israeli society, from artists to journalists to judges, face threats from the ...
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Only Israelis, not Palestinians, are entitled to mourn their dead

A single line passes between the death and bereavement ritual for the Israeli dead and the display of indifference, inhumanity ...
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Mosul battle: Second French journalist dies after mine blast

Veronique Robert was injured while reporting on an advance by Iraqi forces against IS militants ...
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Qatar says list of demands by Arab states not realistic

The foreign minister says conditions set by four Arab states for lifting sanctions are unrealistic ...
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Israel launches preemptive strike in psychological war with Hezbollah

Israel reveals Hezbollah has developed a vast military network at border villages in an open violation of UN Security Council ...
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UN denies Israeli claims of Hezbollah violations on Lebanese border

Israel accuses Hezbollah of setting up observation outposts along the border on land purportedly used by an environmental advocacy group ...
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