What wealth gap? Danish welfare narrows disparity

FILE - This is a June 17 2014 file photo of Denmark's Crownprince Frederik meets local children as he attends Sports Day in Copenhagen. Denmark's sturdy social safety net helps explain why its wealth gap — the disparity between the richest citizens and everyone else — is second-smallest among the world's 34 most developed economies, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, surpassed only by the much smaller economy of Slovenia. (AP PHOTO/Katinka Husted/POLFOTO, File) ** DENMARK OUT **COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — This is what it's like to live in Denmark, a nation with a narrower wealth gap than almost anywhere else: You've been jobless for more than a year. You have no university degree, no advanced skills. You have to pay a mortgage. And your husband is nearing retirement.