Watch: Hanukkah candle lighting at scene of terror attack

Residents of Arad, family and friends of soldier Ron Yitzhak Kukia light candles at the site where he was murdered.

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Israel’s intercity public transport fares might get cheaper

Part of the plan is a fare reduction for intercity bus travel and service taxis ...
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Government torpedoes bill to raise age limit on cigarette sales

Ayelet Shaked says ‘I won’t deny soldiers who could be killed in the army the option of smoking because of ...
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Israeli hotels are ‘more expensive than Western Europe, standards of Eastern Europe’

Israel’s high room rates may be driving away foreign tourists; hoteliers point to costs of labor, kosher food, security and ...
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Bitcoin firms tank on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange after barred from indexes

Bitcoin won't be included 'until an appropriate regulatory framework is found for these kinds of financial products,' a securities regulator ...
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Thirty years later, poison suspected behind death of German-Jewish leader

Prosecutors are considering exhuming the remains of Werner Nachmann, who died in 1988, in a renewed investigation of his death ...
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