Suspect in killings of 2 Fla. officers arrested at bar

KISSIMMEE, Fla. (AP) — A police officer in Florida died from his injuries Saturday, a day after his colleague was ...
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Two days after Barcelona terror attack, Spaniards hesitate to point fingers

Although Muslims are well integrated in Spanish society, jihadist immigration from Morocco is proving to be increasingly divisive ...
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Barcelona: Terror attack could have been much worse

'Work accident' foils terrorists' plan to carry out three simultaneous attacks.

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Boston 'free speech' rally abandoned by right-wing demonstrators outnumbered by 15,000 counter-protesters

As the official start time of the contentious “Free Speech Rally” in Boston approached, the winner in the battle of ...
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UK and US play 'crucial role' in creating conditions for spread of cholera in Yemen, say researchers

Britain and the US have played “a crucial role” in creating conditions conducive to the catastrophic spread of cholera in ...
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Holocaust survivor: Yes, it can happen again

Holocaust survivor Sonia K. speaks to CNN, tells them the world may be in for another Holocaust - unless attitudes ...
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