Israeli newspapers unified in condemning Trump’s alt-right whitewashing – except for Adelson’s

Condemnation of Trump's drawing of moral equivalence between Charlottesville neo-Nazis and counter-protesters was front-page news for all Israeli papers, except ...
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Haredi school threatens not to take Sephardic students

Jerusalem school insists it won't accept Sephardic girls unless it receives a new building.

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Netanyahu’s Charlottesville response proves he’s lost any semblance of a moral compass

The first person in the world, outside of the U.S., expected to react to such events like those in Charlottesville ...
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Brigade commander talks with haredi soldiers on women’s singing

Commander removes haredi soldiers during social event with women's singing, encourages them to maintain their way of life in the ...
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Hamas border guard killed in suicide attack on Gaza-Egypt border

Two men were attempting to cross the border into Egypt when they were approached by a Hamas security force, prompting ...
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March for Racial Justice organizers apologize over Yom Kippur scheduling

Jewish activists were disappointed when march organizer's did not take into account how date of march would effect Jewish participants ...
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