Physicist who fled Nazi rule wins Nobel Prize

Rainer Weiss among Nobel Prize winners for contributions that proved Einstein right ...
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Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s largest lender, to pull out of Switzerland amid U.S. tax probe

Surprise move effectively closes Bank Hapoalim's entire private banking operation ...
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Catalonia crisis: What’s next for Spain if Catalan leader declares independence as promised

Europe is entering uncharted waters. Here’s a look at how Spain got to this point and what may happen next ...
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Las Vegas shooting: Police radio details frantic first response

Audio highlights response from five Las Vegas police officers calling in to report mass casualties and SWAT team response to ...
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Minister Bennett calls to cut funds to PA: ‘Israel must stop acting as ATM for terrorism’

Responding to PA's election to Interpol and reconciliation process, Education Minister Naftali Bennet calls for the cabinet to stop transferring ...
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Palestinian-Israeli video blogger, ‘Nas Daily,’ points to ironies of anti-Israel boycott

In a recent episode of his viral series, Nas discusses his experience being refused from a Kuwait Airlines flight due ...
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Trump’s planned UN cuts to reportedly harm Palestinian Authority

צילום: EPA

In a report by the New York Times, US President Donald Trump’s administration is said to be working on executive orders that would drastically cut US funding to the UN and any organization ‘that sponsors terrorism’; the orders also state that US will cut all funding to any organization that grants full membership to the Palestinian Authority or PLO.